We Design and Manufacture Solenoid Valves for Special Applications Globally
We Design and Manufacture Solenoid Valves for Special Applications Globally
Custom Valves specializes in optimizing technical solutions using collaborative processes with customers worldwide to achieve synergistic results in all products provided.



valve assemblies AND manifolds

In addtion to offering standard solenoid valve manifolds, we design complex solenoid valve assemblies.

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Solenoid Dialysis Valves - Custom Valves

solenoid valves

Our solenoid valves are ideal for applications such as dialysis machines and beverage dispensing machines.

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Unsurpassed Value

Our technology overcomes standard solenoid valve limitations such as high ambient and fluid temperature, aggressive fluids, low power consumption, pressure independent switching current, bidirectional flow, 50 million cycle life and 100% duty cycle.

We make every effort to ensure a win/win business relationship right from the beginning by working with our customers to create robust technical specifications that maximize performance and minimize cost.

Unique Problem Solving

We have a long history of designing and developing solenoid valves for industrial and medical equipment. Our technology provides the basis for solving application issues that standard valves cannot handle.

Our superior engineering expertise offers technical solutions that are not available from other solenoid valve manufacturers.

Expert Engineering

Our engineering team has a broad spectrum of knowledge in manufacturing, physics, mechanics, electronics, chemistry and biology that yields a holistic approach to achieving optimized results for functionality, minimized costs, quality and on-time delivery.

Best Manufacturing

Custom Valves’ manufacturing processes are highly automated and include 100% automated quality check and lot documentation. We utilize flexible manufacturing equipment and processes that enable us to provide fast prototypes and produce mega quantities. ISO 9001 Certification.


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