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Industrial inkjet machines require unsurpassed reliability of every component to ensure high quality print results. Standard solenoid valves heat the ink stream causing drying and sticking of the valve plunger that results in print failure. Custom Valves’ technology introduces nearly zero heat due to low switching power and the ability to insulate the fluid flow path from the electromagnetic area of the valve.

In addition to compact designs and noise control, inkjet valve benefits include:

  • 50 million switching cycles
  • Bidirectional flow
  • 100% duty cycle @ 80°C ambient temperature
  • FDA wetted materials capable with aggressive cleaning fluids 
  • Custom Valves’ standard maintenance-free technology

Inkjet solenoid valve examples

Digital Control

This inkjet manufacturer required a TTL digitally controlled solenoid valve for their application. Custom Valves’ inkjet solenoid valves come standard with integrated electronics to fulfill the customer’s requirements

Bistable Valve Block
Bistable Valve Block
Bistable Valve Compilation
Bistable Valve Compilation


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