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Reverse osmosis (RO) and desalination device requirements are often challenging due to the corrosive fluids that flow through the units like saltwater and cleaning fluids. Custom Valves’ isolated valve technology and chemical resistant materials provide the long-term reliability required in RO systems.

In addition to compact designs and noise control, reverse osmosis valve benefits include:

  • Exceptional reliability – 50 million switching cycles
  • Bidirectional flow
  • FDA wetted materials capable of handling saltwater and aggressive cleaning fluids 
  • Custom Valves’ standard maintenance-free technology

Application Example


Solenoid Valve Manifold mount in Reverse Osmosis

A customer required a solenoid valve manifold mount for a new reverse osmosis unit.  Valve cost was a big concern because of the low quantity required for this application.

Custom Valves’ design team machined instead of molding the POM valve to address cost concerns and then mounted the body on the manifold. This new design saved the customer money.

Reverse Osmosis Solenoid Valve
Reverse Osmosis Solenoid Valve - Manifold Mount


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