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Customizing components for solenoid valves not only resolves the issue at hand, but also offers the opportunity to make other improvements that enhance process flow, product functionality, cost and delivery flexibility. Let us help open new doors that will improve your experience with custom development projects.

Solenoid Valves

Custom Valves’ technology offers unique features that are not available with standard valves; these features include high fluid and ambient temperatures, ability to handle aggressive fluids, minimal power consumption and switching current, bidirectional flow and 50 million cycle life. Options include a large variety of wetted materials, several mounting, voltage and physical shape choices, environmental protection and more. Learn more about our valve options.

Custom Valves Solenoid Valves with Machined Valve Bodies
Solenoid Valves with Machined Valve Bodies
Balancing Chamber Solenoid Valve Assembly - Custom Valves
Balancing Chamber Solenoid Valve Assembly


We also specialize in packaged assemblies that incorporate solenoid valves in a manifold or balancing chamber.

Learn more about our assembly technologies.


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