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Balancing chambers

Custom Valves’ balancing chamber assemblies are used in kidney dialysis machine applications to ensure the patient receives exactly the same amount of dialysate fluid that gets extracted during the dialysis process – 150 l fluid is extracted from the patient and 150 l fluid is fed back to the patient. After 5 hours of treatment, these two volumes are not allowed to differ more than 100 ml, which is an exactness of < 0.01%.

Product features include:

  • A 30 ml balancing chamber consisting of two chambers subdivided by a membrane with 8 dialysis valves (SV0016) mounted directly on the chamber housing to control the flow in and flow out for maintaining the proper balance
  • PES chamber
  • EPDM membrane
  • ISO 10993 certified

If your application requires features not shown, please call us to discuss your application – customizations are also available, call +49 9723-938917 for more information.

Balancing Chamber Solenoid Valve Assembly - Custom Valves
Balancing Chamber Solenoid Valve Assembly


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