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Dialysis Valves

Dialysis Valves

Custom Valves’ solenoid valve series is designed for use in hemodialysis machines to mix the dialysate fluid and control the fluid removal from the patient. Our designs meet the specific requirements of the dialysis market. The following features provide superior benefits compared to other valves on the market:

  • PTFE bellows are maintenance free and offer longer dialysis machine lifetimes compared to rubber bellows used in many machines.
  • ISO 10993 certified (not only cytotoxicity), Rohs and REACH compatibility.
  • Designed for worst-case temperatures (T_ambient = 80°C while maintaining a 100% duty cycle).
  • Bidirectional flow.
  • Standard voltage is 24 VDC – other voltages are available.
  • Greater than 3 bar pressure is possible depending on the application.
  • Can also be used for food-grade applications, such as coffee machines

Standard product specifications appear in the table below. If your application requires features not shown, please call us to discuss your application – customizations are also available, call +49 9723-938917 for more information.

Valve Types Specifications Drawings Tube Connectors Seal Material Flow resistance water at p = 1 bar Pressure tightness (both directions) Lifetime (switching cycles)
SV0016-N Download Download 1 EPDM 2.5 l/min 3.0 bar 50,000,000
SV0016-N-FKM Download Download 1 FKM 2.5 l/min 3.0 bar 50,000,000
SV0017-N Download Download 2 EPDM 2.5 l/min 3.0 bar 50,000,000
SV0017-N-FKM Download Download 2 FKM 2.5 l/min 3.0 bar 50,000,000
SV0018-N Download Download 2 EPDM 4.3 l/min 2.5 bar 10,000,000
SV0018-N-FKM Download Download 2 FKM 4.3 l/min 2.5 bar 10,000,000


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